Let’s face it. Real estate is highly competitive. This is why smooth transactions can make or break continued relationships with clients – which ultimately affect referrals. Private Label Realty is committed to giving you a professional advantage in all of your real estate transactions. How can we do this? Through a proven model of success that begins with a dedicated success team.

Broker Manager

At Private Label Realty, our Broker Manager ensures the success of all of our agents, as well as enabling you to create you own individual brand under the Private Label Realty umbrella. Answers to questions, insights into transactions, and guidance when necessary are also a part of what you can expect from your Broker Manager.

Transaction Coordinator

At Private Label Realty, we don’t believe you should have to be bogged down by the numerous details arising in real estate transactions. Our Transaction Coordinator provides you support from your initial listing agreement or sales contract all the way to the closing table. Through this support, you are able to focus on the needs of your clients more readily.


Private Label Realty is closely affiliated with AmeriPro Home Loans. In fact, in most of our offices the AmeriPro is just an office door away. Why is this an advantage? Because relationships between the lender and the buyer are more easily formed when the advantages of ready access to the lender from the real estate agent is already set in place.

Escrow Agent

Because of Private Label Realty’s affiliation with Reliant Title, escrow processes flow more smoothly. As an agent, you know first-hand where your transaction stands in relation to closing. And you have the advantage of knowing that your escrow agent is only a door or phone call away from the Private Label Realty brokerage. This knowledge is invaluable in firmly establishing your current and future relationship with your client. And the title company’s immediate access to the closing table ensures timely and stress-free closings.

Insurance Agent

AmeriFirst Insurance is also affiliated with Private Label Realty. The ability to refer your buyer to an affiliated company is invaluable, as this provides convenience and peace of mind to your client.

But our strength in numbers doesn’t end here! We are also committed to your success through:

Ongoing Success Coaching

We are committed to providing the most current and applicable coaching to ensure our Private Label Realty’s success in an ever-changing real estate environment. Whether it’s through market-specific sales implementation, real estate marketing solutions, or cutting-edge technological training, we provide experienced trainers and speakers to make sure you have all the tools and market information you need to excel about your competition.

Home Centers

We get what it means to call a house a home. And we want that experience to carry through to the closing environment. Our Home Centers are designed to surround both buyers and sellers with a comfortable environment that supports the emotions inherent in both sides of a transaction. It’s also a place where team members come together to provide the most seamless transaction possible. Just imagine a private space where both parties and representing agents, a loan officer, and the escrow agent come together to facilitate a closing. You have to see our Home Center for yourself to understand the impact of this space!